I watched my mother and many on her side of the family struggle with obesity most all my life.  When I was 16, and my mother was over 200 pounds, the young man I was dating commented, “you are gonna be fat just like your mother when you grow older”.   I vowed to myself that I would NOT.  I have worked hard—played hard—during my teens and young adulthood.   Discovered weight training after the birth of my second child who is now an adult.  I am now past the mid point of my life and fitness is MORE IMPORTANT to me than ever.   I truly feel better about myself  whenever I finish a workout.  It is physical and emotional therapy for me.

personal fitness training


I am a fitness professional with a drive to motivate and guide others to live healthy and active lives. I bring a  high energy level and training in injury prevention, corrective exercise, program design, and sports performance.  I also possess tremendous experience in Corporate America as an Information Technology Business Process Specialist, with an B.A. in Human Resources, and an M.B.A. in Management.

I love to run and bike.  I also enjoy strength training and core training,